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we are present yo Villars sur Ollon market handicrafts am 7 August

and we will be present at Brocante de Saanen the 6 August

we will be present to marché artisanal de Rougemont am 13 August team enjoys your presence at marché ART artisanal du Bouveret am 14 August

The magic Art of mountain is an Art on relief Wood in homage to Mountains. Our Art associates the charm of mountains imagined with a surrealist, design touch human, the whole paints on tones in woody, hot, ochre colors and rarely green. Acrylic Painting, Wood Relief Sculpture on Lime Tree.

Every Art creation is different from others even for a similar Design because the Human Talent of your Big "Mozart" Artists makes that never an Art looks like an other one! Furthermore, we imagine Mountain Designs. These copyrighted Mountains Designs, are limited to 30 copies and annotated

bouquetins sur alpe cerf sur prés We recommand and support Sophie Dupont, a Artist who works with artwood art mountain swiss
Réalisées par machines à laser